Chairpersons and Vice Chairpersons


List of CCC Chairpersons and deputies in Working Groups


Consultative Council for Communities

Working Group on Legislation

Lazar Radulović, Chairman of the CCC
Salif Zećiri, Deputy Chairman
Anesa Čolaković, Deputy Chairman

Berhil Šasivari, Chairman of the WG
Amra Zaimi, Deputy Chairman of the WG

Working Group on Education

Working Group on Language

Senada Sagdati, Chairman of the WG
Ridvan Gashi, Deputy Chairman of the WG

Şerafedin Ȍmer, Chairman of the WG
Dragana Serafimović, Deputy Chairman of the WG

Working Group on Employment and Social Issues

Working Group on Culture

Qerim Emini, Chairman of the WG

Ivana Đokić, Deputy Chairman of the WG

Dejan Repanović, Chairman of the WG
Cicilija Čolaki
ć, Deputy Chairman of the WG